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Left always seems to find a rake in the grass to step on

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Apr 12, 2008
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By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In its search for an issue to hide Obama’s record as a failed president, the Left always seems to find a rake in the tall grass to step on. When they do it comes up to hit them in the face. A case in point is the ridiculous circus known as “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) that morphed into “Occupy” anywhere Democrats are in charge (so they won’t get kicked out).

Ultimately the OWS movement did nothing but generate embarrassing questions about why Democrats had Super Glued themselves to a band of filthy criminals. As evidenced by the hundreds of arrests made in them , OWS camps became safe houses for murderers, rapists, child molesters, thieves and drug dealers.

Not surprisingly when the criminals outnumbered the few legitimate protesters the camps shut down. The OWS camps did not shut down because of the weather as the media wants us to believe; (we had a record warm winter) they folded up when only the criminals were left. Without the naïve “poindexters” around to steal from and rape, even the criminals fled.

Now we have the “Trayvon was murdered” circuses breaking out in Black neighborhoods around the country. There only purpose is to make Blacks angry enough to be enthusiastic about voting in November. In this case the Left will fail again. This farce was doomed to failure almost from day one because of the media’s immediate bold faced lies about George Zimmerman, and Sharpton and Jackson’s decision to throw gasoline on the case by welcoming in the Black Panthers and impressionable Black street thugs.

The media’s lies ended any chance of making this a board based multiracial protest. White people know how to read and we don’t appreciate being lied to – it makes us wonder what other lies they are telling us about this case.

By recruiting the Panthers and street thugs the Left has invited the seeds of its own destruction into its “movement.” The young Black “gangstas” see this as a free pass to do search and destroy missions on White victims – usually old and frail – to avenge Trayon’s “murder” and the Panthers are encouraging them.

These attacks, which have already started, will continue until the Left recognizes the damage they do to Obama’s already shaky reelection chances. What the Left does to breathe life into the “dead body” of Black enthusiasm will be a new “rake in the tall grass” for them to step on.

The presence of the Panthers and street “gangstas” will do nothing positive for Obama. They will not drive young thugs to the polls –“votin’ like getting “A”s is for Whitey” – but they WILL drive Whites to the polls. Whites won’t vote for a man they see as the “Gangsta in Chief.”

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