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Liberal media and the TRUTH about the men there

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Apr 6, 2005
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Matt Lauer on the Today Show today. He's in Iraq, and he talked to a couple of soldiers over there.
One of them he spoke to was Army Captain Sherman Powell, and he said, "Now, don't get me wrong, I think you guys are probably telling me the truth about how well it's going to over here, but there might be a lot of people at home wondering how that could be possible, how could it possibly be going well here with the conditions you're facing and with the insurgent attacks that you're facing, so what would you say to those people who were doubtful that morale can be that high here?"

CAPTAIN SHERMAN POWELL: Well, sir, I tell you if I got my news from the newspapers also I'd be pretty depressed as well.

LAUER: What don't you think is being correctly portrayed?

CAPTAIN SHERMAN POWELL: Sir, I know it's hard to get out and get on the ground and report the news, and I understand that, and I appreciate that fact, but for those of us who actually have a chance to go out and go on patrols and meet the Iraqi army and Iraqi police and go on patrols with them, we are very satisfied with the way things are going here, and we are confident that if we're allowed to finish the job we started, we'll be very proud of it, and our country will be proud of us for doing it.

Lauer then said, "Well, there's been some reports in the media lately -- and I'm going to get your feathers ruffled here, I'm sure in a second -- the expectations now are starting to be lowered for what would be success here in Iraq. How would you feel about US forces being withdrawn before -- see, you're shaking your head, I can see it -- before the insurgency is defeated?"

CAPTAIN SHERMAN POWELL: Well, sir, I would just tell you, and for the people who are listening back at home, that we appreciate the support we've gotten from them so far, and soldiers will do anything when they know they have good leadership and they have the support from the people back at home, and as long as we continue to have confidence that we are supported and people have our back, there is nothing we cannot accomplish

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