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Living Trust

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
I loved our Living Trust Except for the Banks Part
Do I Need a Lawyer to Make a Living Trust?


Okay, we'll cover our bases and say, "Usually, you
don't need a lawyer to make a living trust."

That's the short answer, anyway. Want to find out
why you can do it yourself, why lawyers will charge
an arm and a leg to make one for you, and -- most
importantly -- what steps you can take to create
your own?

Read on, true believer:

I wrote our Trust using this book - - 2 weeks before he died my Dad paid a Lawyer $1,000's to rewrite it and the Lawyer (Bad Word) it up

Words to watch-out for

"Any Investment A Prudent Person Would Make"

<<Who Is that Prudent Person?>>

Even though I did not want to sell our ranch the Executor => (the Bank) sold it saying the land WAS NOT Prudent and =>
"We are not in the business of handling Land!"

The Trust says I can Invest or Reinvest the money in
"Any Investment A Prudent Person Would Make"
the Executor => (the Bank) says the only Prudent Investment is to <<"invest in their Bank">>

– They charge the Trust $1,000's per year to invest our money in their bank - - after the Fees and Taxes we get about 1% on our investment.

In 8.5 years our Ranch sold for 6 million more than we got for it, and guess who owned it - (3) Bank VIP's

The Bank Charged our Trust $35,000 to print a For Sale Book on the Ranch because "You can't expect us to dive the (25 miles) 50 miles round trip to show it!" :roll:
when the whole economic world comes crashing down, the bankers, lawyers and poloticians of the world will be the first ones to die. either of hunger and not knowing how to exist, or by the hand of those they screwed.......yes I have a few on my list that I am really looking forward to seeing after the collaps of society.
One of my best friends and business partners is an atty. I had him draw up a living trus several years ago and he listed himself as exucetor - - - at the time I felt who better to take care of my family.

I have since made changes because I really like him but have seen to much. I don't feel he started out bad but running in his circle of friends he has become very greedy and I do not feel ant longer he would put my family first.

I feel that banks, lawyers, and government officials have a great tempation put on them and while many started ion their professions with great intentions have succumed to the greed they are brought into contact with and grow into corruption.

Do as much of the work as you can yourself then allow someone you have faith in to review. It does not have to fly the first draft.
:?: :?: Family Trust :?: :?:

My youngest was born 364 day after my Father passed.

For 18 years she was told that she was part of the Family Trust - They sent her Quartly Reports - - When she was starting College she asked the Trust (bank) for $$$$ help - - the same Help my older got

The Bank told her that she was born after the Trust took effect and did not talk of her and so she is not part of the Trust and they've STOPPED sending her Quartly Reports.

I've been fighting that for 5 years - - What is the Intent of a Family Trust :?:
We have used these "Nolo Press" books to do many things - I can't say enough about them - - Trust - Wills - and more

V¬ has been using them to set up her Non-Profit 501(c) (3) - - big savings - - $65.00 for the book as compaired to $3,000 to $5,000 wanted by others - - She has Incorporated in California and is working on her Tax paper work - - Total cost so far - less than $300. - - that's a big savings - - and the books are easy to understand - - Step by Step

The book have turned in to a sideline - - She gets paid to help other set up and start their own Non-Profits

Check out their Home Page