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Jul 4, 2005
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The cold, hard facts are that we can't force the Iraqis to do what we want them to do. They are now "free" to kill each other, to argue about what group should get what powers, to set back women's rights thirty years.... Oh, yes, Bush has been very good to Iraq. :mad: And here in the US, we're in debt, way, way in debt.

Link below; my emphasis.

""The theme in this region is the reality of a foreign military power that comes in with great determination and overwhelming force, defeats people, subjugates a nation and then gets completely lost in the local maelstrom of interests and the irresistible force of indigenous identity -- religious, ethnic, sectarian, national. People act in a maniacal way when they assert these identities, which includes nurturing and protecting them," said Rami Khouri, a U.S.-educated Arab analyst and editor of Lebanon's Daily Star newspaper."

"Every single foreign power that has been in this region since Alexander the Great -- through the Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, British, French and now Americans -- has learned the same lesson," Khouri said."


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