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London residents jump from burning buildings

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Apr 12, 2008
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I am not sure how you would justify this riot in any way... but here is how it started..

The death of Mark Duggan (15 September 1981 - 5 August 2011) occurred during a police interception in Tottenham, London, England. Duggan, an alleged drug dealer and gang member was shot and killed by police officers in an armed confrontation.

Mark Duggan was part of a gang with links to Jamaica's ruthless 'Yardies'
Carried a gun 'for protection' after cousin was stabbed in heart with bottle
Dad-of-four was a 'crack cocaine dealer' who ruled with violence and fear
Gang linked to murder of PC Keith Blakelock in 1985 Broadwater Farm riots

On the streets of the Broadwater Farm estate, where Mark Duggan grew up, he was also known by another name: 'Starrish Mark'.

It sounds like an innocent nickname; it was anything but. In fact, the word 'Starrish' denoted his membership of a notorious 'crew' called The Star Gang who strut the streets of London's N17.

The stock-in-trade of such 'postcode' gangs is violence, intimidation and, more often than not, drugs.

Operation Trident officers had Duggan under surveillance amid fears he was planning to avenge the death of his cousin Kelvin Easton. He was about to be arrested when he was fatally injured.

tests on the weapon that was found on Duggan revealed that the replica pistol had been converted to fire live ammunition.

Police who shot Duggan were part of Operation Trident, a London Metropolitan police unit which deals with gun crime in black communities

"When he was remanded last time, he said he hated jail and never wanted to go back there."

Thugs avenging the death of a thug...

if they are acting like animals today it is because the lived like animals..

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