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long day / night

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Mar 17, 2005
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drought was taking its toll on our alfalfa, seemed to be going backwards...so I decided to forego spraying for bugs, and just swath all the older dry land hay... new plant and irrigated we decided to spray and wait them out...
almost 400 acres on the ground in a span of 3 days....and it brought us a rain! they upped us to a 70% shot, so we raked everything... some was only down for 3 days! but those days were 98 degrees, zero humidity, and windy as heck....
I cranked up the baler yesterday at 11 am...baled till 5 pm, went home slept till 8, then got the baler rolling again at 9 pm.....rolled into bed at 4 am today...was sleeping great, and my wife comes into the room at 7:15 and says the rain is one county away....so up I go....helped the guys get it all in the shed, equipment put away, and now it pours an inch and a half, nothing to do, and I CAN NOT SLEEP !!!
Aww quit yer whining. :lol:

We've still got old snow here. The next 3 days are forecast to be warm and sunny, maybe spring will get here yet.

Glad you got it under cover Jigs, was it much of a crop?
close to a ton an acre.
finally got to sleep, and the kids got home from school...started tickling my feet and video taping me wake up ticked off.....they thought it was funny, I told them they better NEVER go to sleep if I am around....
Don't think I'll bother greasing anything yet. An inch of sloppy snow and -10C this morning doesn't get my interest up in haying yet. Just hope the stackyard holds till the grass turns green.

East of here 130 miles it is dry dry dry. No potholes or irrigation dams filled. Could be a long ugly summer to.
the inch last night was nice, calling for a shot again tonight...kinda hope we miss it..... got another 400 of hay to do, and 350 of beans / milo to plant in 10 days.... momma says we leave on the 21st for our cruise weather that stuff is done or NOT...

and I doubt i gotta tell you who runs the show around here....
Sounds like things are going your way down there Jigs. I'm just happy the leaves are finally popping out all over and the grass is coming on. We're not in a hurry for moisture yet, but we'll be looking for in a few weeks for sure.
funny how a week will make you switch from wanting moisture, to not wanting it...
jigs said:
funny how a week will make you switch from wanting moisture, to not wanting it...

Now come on we NEVER go to the point of not wanting moisture. We just get picky on the timing.
jigs said:
funny how a week will make you switch from wanting moisture, to not wanting it...

Yep-- and a winter from Hell of moisture with an every week snowstorms- which produced record breaking (109" ) snow-- followed by spring floods (roads flooded under for 25 days)- and then spring rains of 2-3-4-5 inches- followed by more floods now----(with normal moisture being about 300+ %) after awhile moisture gets old.... :shock:

Spent the morning putting wire panels up in washed out creek bottoms along the highway so cattle can't get on the road--- and in the low cuts that had snow a week ago (nobody is worrying about cows going into others pastures- just keeping them in the general area :) ) ....At times we were up to our arses in cold water- and couldn't even find the wire or posts that had been there..

Not many acres seeded up here yet with the Hellacious winter and snow- late snow melt- and now torrential rains we had the last 3 days....

But the grass and hayfields are growing inchs a night...And when this country drys up (it always does) there will be moisture galore for the wheat and grain crops to get one H of a start.....

And knowing this country- it always dries up- and about the 4th of July we may be wishing for Gulley Washer!!
Better to have them swimming out than dusting out-northern Sask. is the driest country I've seen from the missouri River north this spring-the farmers should be right on time with things. Ty said they were going strong last weekend when he was fencing.

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