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Feb 10, 2006
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Blame Bush, Blame Obama, But Don’t Look Behind The Curtain

December 19, 2011 by Bob Livingston

Inflation steals the wealth of the saver.

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, some (most) members of Congress and big banksters around the globe are breathing a sigh of relief today. A poll shows most Americans are now blaming President Barack Obama for killing the economy.

For three years, Obama and a complicit media have done a good job of blaming Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, for the dire state of the economy. After all, the meme goes, Bush spent money willy-nilly, cut taxes and got us into expensive wars. But Obama has spent more money and started more wars than Bush. So now there’s a new scapegoat.

The aforementioned group of elites and their string-pullers are quite happy with the news because, as long as Americans remain in their stupor, nothing will change. Americans will blame this President or that, but they will never go to the root of the problem for a solution. And it’s a problem that must be removed root and branch.

That’s why they’re working so hard to defeat Ron Paul. He knows where the problem lies, and he’s said he’s willing to remove it root and branch.

The problem is the Federal Reserve and its insidious inflationary policies. Not one person in a million understands this.

Some Americans call America a republic. After all, Benjamin Franklin responded to the question about the new government as he left the Constitutional Convention in 1787 by saying, “[It’s] A Republic, if you can keep it.” And Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution guarantees each State a Republican form of government.

But most people now call America a democracy. They are wrong, but not for the reasons you may think. They are wrong because America is fascism under the feel-good misnomer of democracy. It is simply Nazism with a pretty face.

The rule of law is gone. Our lawmakers make laws for us to live under while exempting themselves. They game the system. Many enter the Congress as paupers and leave rich. The rich get richer. How that happened was hidden for years by the corporate media.

Now, everyone knows what we have said for years: The President and Congress are owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the big corporations. They play for pay. And they stack the deck against the American people.

We know they (legally, though immorally) trade in the market on insider information. You and I would go to jail for this. Members of Congress apologize, feign contrition and say they will pass laws so they won’t do it again. But there is no recompense, no repentance. The fox is guarding the henhouse.

But the light is shining on them now. The Internet has allowed the free flow of information to make this possible. No more can the corporate media hide the malfeasance of governance from us. So they are working on laws to kill the Internet, too.

Unfortunately, many people see but they still do not comprehend. Goldman Sachs rules the world, but most people are clueless.

Paulson, Robert Rubin, Jon Corzine, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti are just a few Goldman alums.

Where they go, money-printing follows. Congress bailed out Goldman Sachs and their bankster buddies to the tune of $700 billion in TARP. Now we know Bernanke also handed out trillions of dollars more to banks in the United States and abroad without so much as a “by your leave.”

The Federal Reserve is a criminal enterprise. Congress is an accessory and a criminal enterprise in its own right.

Is there a Presidential candidate saying this? One only.

Money-printing is a gangrenous rot on society. Fiat money steals wealth like gangrene steals life. It spreads throughout the system slowly, but surely.

It allows the government to play Santa Claus and spread wealth around to its criminal partners and create a growing dependent class of takers. It gives more and people take more until the system inevitably collapses. See Greece, Italy and Portugal for examples.

Meanwhile, the gang of thieves in government finds new ways to spend. It matters not which Party controls the purse strings. Then, government cries about the spending and tells the people they must sacrifice for the good of society. They imply that massive debt is the people’s fault, and that the producers must produce more so government has more to take from them and spread around to their buddies and the “less fortunate” — a group that their policies helped to create and enable. The War on Poverty has been underway for almost 50 years. Is the end near? No, there is more poverty than ever.

Federal debt is a world-class delusion. There can be no debt when fiat money can be printed ad nauseam and to infinity. Ask yourself: If you had the power to print money as needed, would you have debt? Certainly not, no matter how much you wanted to buy. And neither does the Federal government.

The deluded fall into that trap every time. Right now, the debate in Congress is about how a payroll tax cut will be paid for. It’s doublespeak, and the populace falls for it again.

Class warfare is ginned up over such nonsense as this. This creates the diversion the criminals need to continue their enterprise.

The government propaganda machine corporate media continue to say there is no inflation. Most people who are products of the government non-education system don’t even know what inflation is, but they accept that there is none. They see prices rise, and the corporate media and criminals in government tell them prices are going up because all corporations are greedy monsters.

But inflation is not the same thing as rising prices. Rising prices are symptomatic of inflation. Inflation is money-printing. It’s an increase in the supply of money. It’s a reduction in the value of those strips of paper that you carry in your wallet.

Inflation steals the wealth of the saver. It punishes those who are doing what the old-timers told us we should be doing: saving our money, paying as we go and staying out of debt. No matter where you hide your money, inflation steals it from you.

But the banksters benefit in many ways: They get to spend it first, before the economy is flooded with new, less valuable dollars; they use it to prop up the market, so they can play both sides against the middle; and they lend it to borrowers who can’t pay it back and then steal the borrowers’ collateral. The Federal Reserve — which is neither Federal nor holds reserves — benefits because it lends to banks at rates below 1 percent and pays 2 percent or more to borrow it back. But it’s not anything of substance. It’s just digits on a computer screen.

Americans continue to seek a culprit, but they are looking in all the wrong places. They blame the pretty face and the daily orator.

Meanwhile, behind the curtain, the coffers of the banksters are filled to overflowing. And they say: “Give us more.”


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Nov 12, 2006
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Almost everyone except oldtimer is seeing the light. He just keeps hanging around the waterhole and buys drinks for anyone that will listen to him, before they puke,,, If he can't bash Bush at least 3 times aday he can't get that warm feeling running down hos legs as his Depends run over :D :D :D

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