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Meet my best schoolmate Diyana!

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Sep 12, 2005
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I Wish It Were Wyoming. Yeah.
Hi,I'm Diyana.I'm zephyrus31's schoolmate.Nice to meet you ^_^!!!!

I'm sitting at the computer right now in school,Nothing much is going on because we just finished our trial exam.Please tell me about Ranchers.
Hi Diyana. Ranchers is a place where wierd, wild and wacky people who happen to live on ranches, come to visit, world wide.

I don't have a favorite FARM animal, but my favorite RANCH animal is the horse. :)

Welcome to this site.
Heya Jinglebob, she's gone back to class now, but I'll pass on the message to her!! :wink:

Don't think she'll be joining this site since she's not particularly an internet junkie like the rest of us... :cry:

Hey, has anyone seen My Louisiana Sky?
zephyrus31 said:
It's 1.45 pm. School's gonna finish in 5 mins so I think I'll pack my bag.. I think we're 14 hours ahead of you.. :???:
I'm eastern standard time, It is 1:45 am here.