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Michigan changed the delegate rules AFTER the election

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Feb 11, 2005
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There is breaking news about an election scandal in Michigan.

ABC News headline states: "Michigan GOP Changes Delegate Rules, Gives Primary Edge to Romney" and the Associated Press states "Michigan GOP changes delegate award after vote."

Last night there was an unannounced closed-door secret meeting of the Michigan Republican Party credentialing committee. During the meeting, they voted 4 to 2 to allocate delegates differently than was previously stated in a memorandum that was issued to all of the campaigns. One of the 2 dissenting votes was Former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, a Romney supporter, who stated: "I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules. I'd love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment."

We’ve all heard rumors that Mitt Romney was furious that he spent a fortune in his home state, had all the political establishment connections and could only tie Rick Santorum. It appears that he has now called on those establishment connections to orchestrate a back room deal to allocate additional delegates to him that he did not earn.

Changing the rules after the election is something that happens in Iran, but not in America. This type of political maneuvering should not be tolerated.

Please stay tuned as we learn more about what the Romney campaign "establishment" insiders are up to in Michigan.

Mike Biundo
Campaign Manager


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Feb 10, 2005
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When you have the political establisment supporting a candidate you can trust there is going to be some funny business to pad that candidates chances.

I would love to see a fair open election where the voters actually get to pick their own candidate but as long as you have back room deal makers running the show they are going to put the guy they can control in office. BET ON IT.

If you want to protect your interest vote against the one the establishment wants chances are he will be the one they will not have control on. :wink:

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