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Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

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What I saw on the news said they were canceled because of the rain. 2" made the track too muddy to run on.

The Billings horse sale next weekend has been canceled due to the Equine Herpes outbreak.
I got this online from the Billings Gazette. I guess it really didn't say why.
I can sure understand it being from the weather tho. Folks travelling up
there from Fallon Co. had to travel very slow because they would hydroplane from all the water on the highway. I hope everyone stays safe going and coming from MC!

BILLINGS - Neither the wet weather nor a recent horse virus outbreak are stopping the Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City.

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The only change to the 61st annual event was that horse races were cancelled. From bull riding to mutton bustin' to street dancing, all the other events will go on as scheduled. The sale runs through May 22nd.
Here's the article about the horse racing:


About the horse sale postponement:

I sure wanted to go again this year but just couldn't get away. trying to get my irrigation all running full force and don't have the help so that I can leave. Wish I could get some of the rain you guys are enjoying

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