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U.S. border closed to Mexican cattle from Durango

by Pete Hisey on 5/25/2005 for Meatingplace.com

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has found that cattle exporters in the Mexican state of Durango were illegally shipping cattle from an area of the state with inadequate bovine tuberculosis management facilities into the United States and has closed the market to all Durango cattle.

Durango is divided into two regions by APHIS, with one allowed to export to the United States and the other denied that privilege. During a review of Durango's TB management practices, APHIS discovered that cattle from the closed region were being trans-shipped through the eligible region.

For the border to reopen at all, Mexican farmers are going to have to meet a long list of APHIS recommendations, including freezing movement of dairy cows from the infected region to the exporting region; quarantine and testing of all animals in any heifer raising operation in the exporting region that accepted cattle from the herds in the infected region; and requiring increased testing of herds along Durango's internal border where one or more cases of bovine TB have been found.

"I called the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture, Javier Usabiaga, Monday evening to discuss this development, and he fully understands the safety concerns that prompted our action," said Mike Johanns, U.S. secretary of agriculture.

Bovine TB can be transmitted by cattle to humans and other animals.
If it wasn't for those pesky imports the US would have perfect herd health right Oldtimer?

Bet this won't even register on the R-Calf radar screen.

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