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More McOTyism

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
a bit like modern McCarthyism,.. only from the left..

ABC's Ross, Stephanolpoulos Point to Tea Party in Dark Knight Shooting

On Good Morning America, ABC News' Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos suggested that the Tea Party might be connected to the mass shootings early this morning in an Aurora, CO theater during a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

The James Homes on the Tea Party website would match a James Homes from Aurora, CO who is in his fifties and therefore does not fit the description of the suspect. More evidence that Ross, Stephanolpoulos and ABC rushed to blame the Tea Party without confirmation that the suspect is also the Tea Party member.

a tragedy,.. with many dead, wounded and grieving family .. and the national media throws out blame again,..

this guy is a wackjob.. just like the many that came before him...

a young person with some sort of setback or difficulty who can't make it in his mind so he goes berserk..

want to blame someone.. blame the folk who decided kids should be treated with kid gloves and sheltered from life's tough realities..

kids who became all but dysfunctional is any real world setting..

why they blame others for their ineptness is beyond me... but seems to be a growing trend..

so instead of calls to outlaw guns.. how about a bit of outrage for allowing kids to do as they please and where acting dysfunctional is tolerated if not encouraged...

or we could wait to see why this wackjob did what he did? knowing that answer will not heal the wounded or ease the grieving..


GOP lawmaker ties movie shooting to ‘attacks’ on Christianity

By Jonathan Easley - 07/20/12 12:11 PM ET
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Friday tied the shooting at a Colorado movie theater to “the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs.”
“You know, what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of a derelict takes place," Gohmert said in an interview with the Heritage Foundation.

At least a dozen people were killed and 50 injured after a gunman stormed a midnight showing of the new Batman movie in Aurora, Colo. Authorities arrested James Holmes, 24, as a suspect.

"Some of us happen to believe that when our founders talked about guarding our virtue and freedom, that that was important," Gohmert said. “Whether it's John Adams saying our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people ... Ben Franklin, saying only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters. I mean it goes on and on. ... We have been at war with the very pillars, the very foundation of this country."

Gohmert is one of five Republicans embroiled in a controversy over claims that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the State Department. The lawmakers, led by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), sent a letter to the inspectors general at several government agencies raising questions about whether Huma Abedin, the deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), could be using her position to aid the group.
"People say, you think there was a God, where was God in all of this?" Gohmert said. "We've threatened high school graduation participations, if they use God's name, they're going to be jailed, we had a superintendent and a principal that were threatened with jail because they said the blessing at a voluntary off-campus dinner, that kind of stuff. Where was God? What have we done with God? We don't want him around. I kind of like his protective hand being present."

Gohmert said the casualties at the theater could have been limited had someone in the theater brought a gun to the movie and fought back. He said in Texas he found “over and over again” that when people are able to carry concealed weapons, “the guy would’ve been stopped before he killed so many people.”

"It does make me wonder, with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying a gun that could have stopped this guy more quickly?" he asked.

Looks like the extremist agenda folks on both sides have it all figured out... :roll:

But the NRA wins the prize for foot in mouth stupid comment/bad timing:

NRA tweeter was 'unaware' of Colorado shooting, spokesman says By John D. Sutter, CNN
updated 1:30 PM EDT, Fri July 20, 2012 | Filed under: Social Media

The NRA appeared to have removed this tweet by 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday.STORY HIGHLIGHTS

(CNN) -- While the nation wrestled with the aftermath of a shooting in Colorado that left 12 people dead, a Twitter account for the National Rifle Association had this to say:

"Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?"

That tweet was posted at 9:20 a.m. ET on Friday by an account for "American Rifleman," the official NRA journal. The group, which advocates for gun owners, appeared to have been pulled down from the Internet as of about 12:30 p.m. ET Friday.

"A single individual, unaware of events in Colorado, tweeted a comment that is being completely taken out of context," NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said in a comment issued to CNN.


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Jul 23, 2007
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The good ole USA
Not a stupid comment, only bad timing. No where does it say anything about bad intentions.

Only a leftwingernut could twist this into something it isn't.

"A single individual, unaware of events in Colorado, tweeted a comment that is being completely taken out of context," NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said


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Nov 12, 2006
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oldtimer can find any reason to defend the leftwiwngers!! or to condem anyone who does not agree with his drunken thoughts..
He does not even research his posts, just takes the fisrt one and runs with it!!!

Any PROOF yet on the harrassment charges????
ANY proof of the other site that laughed at those of on on ranchers???

Just more garbage from the wanna be from Valley county!!!

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