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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Ok, I might have finally gotten the hang of it. I'm a little slow :)
Alabama beat me to it (I said I was slow :oops: ) Anyway this my hubby, Mike with his 4 year old Hoppy. Just some scenery. Like I said in the last post. IT IS NOT GREEN HERE NOW, these were all taken in May.

More scenery, this draw goes down to the Powder River

Lunch Break
I like your country. Where are you located exactly? You have some steep country, no doubt. We have been to John Day, Oregon and that is steep, steep, steep. Or that is how I remember it.

Thanks for posting your pictures. Good job!!

Those boots look a tad bit like Jersey Lily's. Though on second inspection, I can see they are not. For just a moment, I thought, "how'd they get Jersey Lily's boots in their pictures?" :?
Enjoyed your pictures! One of the really interesting things about this forum is reading and seeing so many different parts of the country and seeing how other folks raise cattle in very different kinds of country. I recently visited my daughter in Ellensburg, WA and we took some drives to the east and south of Ellensburg. You really see no livestock in those areas but do see lots of sagebrush. Of course, in the valley you see some fine timothy hay being raised under irrigation. Does your area get quite a bit more rain? How many acres does it take for a cow-calf pair to graze? It is such beautiful country, many times with mountains in the background but it does seem very dry compared with what I am used to. I understand that south toward Baker City there is some very good ranch country. Just my curiosity coming out...and probably my ignorance! Thanks for the photos.
Nicky, keep posting those pictures of your fine looking Herefords. Beautiful country you live in, too.
We live in Medical Springs, which is a community not a town. We are about 20 miles NE of Baker City. Like alot of you we are in our 7th or 8th year of drought. The grass looked good in the pictures because we had record amount of rain in May. Our annual precipitation is about 9 inches. We get considerably less rain that Ellensburg (I think). We are about 2 1/2 hours from John Day.
I'll be getting more pictures on here soon. I have some from other years I can post. I got a new computer this summer and it and my 7 year old digital camera are not getting along! Hopefully I can get that straightend out so I can post current pictures :?

My wife is from Richland Oregon, those hills really have some green spring feed. Nice if you can move them up. The draws into the Powder River brought back fond memories of squirrel hunting up in the Sparta area.

I am originally from Joseph, some of that Hells Canyon country, well as you get older, you start leading your horse once in awhile. Some guys get claustrophobic.

Nice cows, I'd say there is more varieties of Hereford body tyope in Baker County than anywhere else.

As far as south of Ellensburg, Cattle are on those pastures seasonally, then moved to mountain pastures.

Anyway, thanks for the nice trip down memory lane. If you run into Mark Zacharias, tell him Hi,


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