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Feb 10, 2005
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Could you please show me where the lady from Wyoming said she was a R-calf member? If you already answered this and I missed it let me know so I can hunt for it.
mj...Wasn't it interesting that the R-CALF member from WY who called in claimed that Canada does not have a feed ban in place? She sounded very surprised when she was told that Canada most certainly DOES have a feed ban and that their protections are very much the same as ours and that Canadian beef is exactly the same as beef produced in the USA.

Also Rancher and mj, did I miss something? I did not know they let the callers follow up on a question. So how could have she sounded suprised?
From what I saw and heard they just let the caller ask a question and then they gave an answer.
Tommy, I missed that, but you are right. Yes MRJ, please tell us how you knew that. Something smells fishy, lets see if SH screams at you for lieing, spreading rumors and what ever else he does. Will hold my breathe on that one, he lets the posters on his side slide.
rancher and Tommy is there any way you can ever forgive me for misunderstanding what the lady said?

I went back and checked and she said "I'm extremely happy R-CALF is fighting for the producer". She went on to say (and I'm paraphrasing here because I could not write fast enough while listening to the tape to get her exact words) she wondered if the general public knows they are eating Canadian beef and that Canada does not have a feed ban. Obviously she hasn't been getting her "information" from NCBA, I'm proud to say!

She also did not say she was from WY. The state each call came from was on the screen.

mj...rancher and Tommy is there any way you can ever forgive me for misunderstanding what the lady said?

Just like you we want "just the facts ma'am". [/i]