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Muddy Mess in Martin

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
After more than a two inch rain, the Martin rodeo arena was a gumbo delight for the rodeo that they had Saturday night and Sunday night. Here are a few pictures, with the proof in the pudding.


Muddy mess at the Martin rodeo

Nothing is working right

In the muddy moonlight

He doesn't stand a goat of a chance

Fun in the mud

Mrs. Soapweed, Scarlett O'Hara and Home Sweet Home
Nice you finished with a clean picture :D Looks like you're not bothered by any drought, too.
Love the pictures - - - my daughter keeps telling me she is going to post some to show how a small time Indiana (Hoosier) farmer raises cows. We don't have the wide open spaces but you can normally raise a large cow/calf ( charlois) on less than 2 acres counting hay. The part of the state we live in has plenty of creeks and hills with trees. We use the bull doser and bush hog to keep the hedge apples back and rotate to a new pasture about every 3 days. This helps in the never ending battle with horn and face flys. Mineral feeders with IGR mineral and face fly wipes are the main attack but moving helps with pest control as well as grass managemennt.

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