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My uncle's story

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
My dad's brother compiled some of his writings into a book, and called it STORIES BY STAN. Uncle Stan
passed away in 1999, and this was written a couple years before his death.

Here is one of his stories:


Cliff Drafahl was a good friend to everyone, and a very congenial Standard Station owner and operator. He had a lot of fun
with his customers and tourists. One thing I remember about him, he had a pet skunk that he allowed to run across the floor
at the most inopportune moment. He got a lot of shrieks and screams from innocent bystanders.

One day Cliff's wife of thirty-some years, Letoi, came into the station. She was quite a show girl looking lady, always wearing
a lot of make-up and eye shadow. She sort of flirted with Cliff for a minute or two and then left.

There was a guy from out of state, paying his bill, while Letoi was talking to Cliff. Cliff told this guy he'd bet him a hundred bucks
that before he closed the station he could take her home with him to spend the night. The tourist said, "I don't doubt it a bit;
she sure looks the type." This wasn't the response Cliff was looking for, and it sort of humbled him for a time.

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