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N.M. Governor opposes horse slaughter

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Horse owners support horse slaughterhousePosted: Aug 1, 2012 1:44 PM by CBS News

A group of horse owners and clubs is urging the governor to support a proposed horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, saying the closing of domestic facilities five years ago has caused "needless suffering under the cruelest of conditions."

The New Mexico Horse Council, which represents more than 200 horse owners and 30 horse clubs, sent the governor a letter, saying an informal survey of its members showed 94 percent favor humane slaughter.

"Horses deserve better than to be abandoned, starved, or transported long distances in overcrowded trucks to slaughter in foreign countries," the letter from council President Rusty Cook said, noting rescue facilities are unable to care for all the unwanted horses.

Gov. Susana Martinez and a number of equine and animal humane groups have been vocal opponents of the plan by a businessman to open what could be the first horse slaughterhouse in the country since Congress restored funding for inspections of such plants. Another application is pending for a plant in Missouri, USDA officials said.

Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell said the governor received the letter, but her opposition to the facility has not changed

Isn't this the "smarter than Palin" Governor thats supposedly on Romneys short list for V.P. :???:


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ya,... know,...

if those darn republicans would just get in lockstep on every single issue..

"Despite the federal government's decision to legalize horse slaughter for human consumption, I believe creating a horse slaughtering industry in New Mexico is wrong and I am strongly opposed," Martinez said in a statement.

A spokesman for New Mexico Attorney General Gary King said his office so far has found no legal basis for stopping the plant,

I doubt Romney supports horse slaughter

at least we know that this is one area Obama was right on..

While most animal rights activists are likely to excuse President Obama for eating dog as a boy, many may be more perturbed by his move last November to break a campaign promise and sign a bill reviving the slaughter of horses in the United States.

Obama appeared to violate at least the spirit of a 2008 campaign promise made to the Humane Society.

Responding to a questionnaire from the group, Obama answered “yes” to the following question:

“Will you support legislation such as the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, S. 311 and H.R. 503, to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption?”

even if he is a liar... :shock:


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But obama is not a woman,,,,and we know how the woman hating oldtimer
will do,say,claim anything a woman does as wrong!!! :roll: :roll:
We have all seen him attack any and all women with his hatred!! :( :( If in any way they do not fall into his little area of hatred...

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