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National Cattlemen's Summer Edition Magazine

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Feb 11, 2005
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I must say the NCBA crammed a lot of information in a 68 page rag this time. Congratulations....nice layout, entertaining reading, and great 4-color!! The AllFlex ad was excellent! I could not keep my eyes off of it!! GOOD JOB ALLFLEX!! I really mean that.....Great Piece of Advertising!
I have noticed the "chosen" companies all had a lot of ink and I see where NCBA is really concerned about the government having DATA :roll: :roll:
As if the government did not have a lot of it anyway!! As for the NCBA Database it sure looks like that would be a great way to find names, numbers, and good information to gather NEW MEMBERS!! AND we can keep cow numbers confidential so those folks that use BLM ground can slide a few extra ones on the mountain!!! Now, Pres elect Mike John says," A government run database COULD put private information in the hands of activist or others who wish to harm the industry" HEll Mike.....where have you been...R-Calf is already doing it and as for the Government opening the books of data....GET IN THE REAL WORLD!!! " Mike you also said," Confidentiality is better protected by private interest than through the USDA system......give me a break I have your buyer list for MFA Health Track!!! What are we protecting????? The information of where a calf was born......where we sold it.......THAT IS AVAILABLE from any State Vets office.....their called Brand Inspection documents and Health Papers!!! We have really gone off the DEEP END on this CONFIDENTIALLY BULL CRAP!!! How confidential do you think your financial statement and SS # is???? NCBA and R-CAlf needs to focus on promoting BEEF and let the Government keep those VALUABLE-CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS THAT THE PUBLIC HAS access to EVERYDAY!! :roll: :roll:
I will say this Mike John will make a GREAT CATTLEMEN'S VOICE! I just might send my dues in cause Mike deserves our support and GUIDANCE! He is the REAL DEAL! (just a little confused like us all at times!! :?