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Nebraska and the Big 10

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Mar 17, 2005
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when Nubraskuh went yellow and left the bBig 12, it was said that they "belonged" more to the Big 10, in culture, in moral standing, and the Big 10 type schools were an all over "better fit" for the huskers...
looking at Ohio State and the player privilages, and now Penn State and it's problems, i gotta admit, yes, NU is right in a culture that fits them well.....
Jiggsy, I'd like to think that even you, as a closet Husker, would agree that a few jersey-for-tats trading is pretty minor compared to young boys being abused by an ass shark in the State Penn locker room showers. Especially with what appears to be most of the coaching staff aware of the problem, but doing nothing about it....for YEARS.
katrina said:
Jigs, Hate to tell ya little buddy, but Texas may be in trouble because of Penn States coach brought along a boy..... Guess it ain't a big 10 problem anymore..
Texas?? All I heard was that a PSU coach brought a kid down to San Antonio the year they played in the Alamo Bowl.

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