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New phone

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Oct 27, 2005
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NW Panhandle Texas
Its been over 2.5 years since I got a new phone. I had the same flip phone LOL
Nice thing about waiting they give you all kinds of discounts to get you a new phone.
I got the Verizon Thunderbolt wwhoooo I got a droid lol.
One warning other than battery use....dont buy ringtones from verizon you cant use them you have to go through the market and download an app.
I am hoping to have this one for atleast 3 years LOL then upgrade again. I even get internet in BFE pretty cool and it will be MUCH better as soon as they get the 4G tower done the end of next month in Clayton.
NO I dont have angry birds ........yet tried it at work kinda neat like the music on Reo Birds better. we will see. I dont have much time to play on phone since I do that on desktop.
be sure to reg to www.nocall.gov
and register the cell phones its easy I had been getting calls from telemarketers while busy. They will block those
I got a Motorola Barrage almost 2 years ago. That thing has been dropped on concrete or in fine dust, soaked, and abused in just about any fashion imagineable, and it still looks like new and works fine. They are supposed to be shock, dust, and water proof, and I've tried....oh how I've tried. Funny thing is, it seems like since I got mine, a bunch of the folks who worked on the house, (plumber, double naught electriciaman, etc.) have also gotten a Barrage and just love 'em. They WILL take a beating like a red headed step child!

Had a BlackBerry before I got the Barrage. I don't need all that fancy stuff. Just let me make & receive calls, and send an occasional text. I do enjoy the fact I can text the in-law's in the Philippines and it's free for me. I also enjoy sending (cough) educational texts & messages to Jiggsy.

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