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New U.S. ambassador to Canada

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Mar 23, 2005
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WASHINGTON - David Wilkins, who is the speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, is to be appointed as the next U.S. ambassador to Canada, CBC News has learned.

U.S. President George W. Bush was to have made the announcement on Thursday during a visit to the state.

That visit was called off so Bush could fly to Rome for the Pope's funeral on Friday. It's not clear when Wilkins's appointment will be made officially.

Wilkins has always lived in South Carolina. He was first elected to the state legislature in 1974.

CBC correspondent Henry Champ described Wilkins as an ultra-conservative.

"He's a close friend of Bush and he got this job simply because he has raised a ton of money for George W. Bush in two political campaigns," Champ said.

Champ said Wilkins was also instrumental in delivering South Carolina to Bush, "a state that had always been a very difficult one for Republicans to gain."

Any thoughts?
Wilkins is next U.S. envoy to Ottawa: reports

CTV.ca News Staff

U.S. President George Bush is set to announce his next ambassador to Canada, CTV News has learned.

Government sources say South Carolina state legislature speaker David Wilkins is the likely choice to replace outgoing U.S. envoy Paul Cellucci.

The White House has not formally notified the Canadian government, but sources say Ottawa has been given informal notice that Wilkins will get the nod.

Wilkins, 58, is a close friend of President Bush and his father.

His name surfaced as a front-runner for the job after South Carolina's The State newspaper, citing sources familiar with the nomination process, reported that Wilkins was the president's "leading choice."

Even if the president makes clear his pick, however, it's not a sure thing. The nominee must first accept the offer, and then be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

When Bush tapped Wilkins for the job of ambassador to Chile in 2001, the South Carolina Republican withdrew his name.

Wilkins has refused to comment about rumours of his nomination, and has even demanded an end to the jostling for his job as speaker.

Other names in the rumour mill include former Montana governor Marc Racicot.

The job is considered a plum diplomatic post, in light of the two countries' close proximity, relations and trade ties.


Oh ho ho....wouldn't that have been fun if it would have been the Montana governor?

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