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New Year- Here's to Hope

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
Perspective is an interesting thing. For a lot of folks 2020 has been filled with challenges and trials and strife. My heart goes out to people who have lost jobs or worse, loved ones to covid. What's interesting to me is how our perspective changes depending on where we happen to be looking from. Our family had the opportunity to spend 8 different trips together during the spring and summer and fall hunting my bear. The kids weren't allowed to attend school in person so they did their online lessons and we had lots of time together. It was simply priceless to spend time with my wife and daughter and son. What a blessing and a bunch of memories we will never forget. And all made possible because of the chaos that was turned loose in 2020. Please don't think I'm making light of the tough times for folks. But when i watch the evening news, the gloom and doom is over powering! They'd have us all believe the world is ending and hope is lost. I was doing a little family history work and learned that my great, great grandfather died of the flu during the 1918 outbreak. I'd wager if we went back in time, those days were most likely pretty dark and dreadful too. But folks hung on and held out until the clouds cleared. WE CAN TOO!!! Rural folks have so many blessing and advantages in these troubled times. We all mostly have kept working and life is much more normal than the folks in the cities experience. Our little valley has not lost a person to the virus, although some have been sick, including us. We've managed to care for ourselves and our families and our neighbors. This virus situation has given me the opportunity to serve my fellow man a little more. My sweet wife and i have picked up groceries for some older couples who wanted to steer clear of town because of underlying health issues. Its deepened our relationships with them and brightened our days when we visited with them and played the role of delivery boy. Its led me to pick up the phone and check on others just to be sure all was well. From my perspective standing on a snowy west desert in Utah, 2020 has been filled with blessings and opportunity. It's my hope, that we all keep hope alive as we head into 21. Counting your blessings instead of your troubles is a better way to live your life from where i stand. It's my prayer and hope that you all have ample blessings this next year. My your grass grow tall and your cattle be content. May your families stay healthy and happy and successful. May your sunrises be spectacular and may the rains come when they are needed. Looking forward to this next year. Its sure to be an adventure. God Bless

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