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Nice rain

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Sagebrush said:
A good Memorial Day rain. 1 inch total..rained most of the day..nice slow soaker :)

Keep sending it north-- We worked and branded a couple bunches of calves yesterday and just got done about 2PM before the first thundershowers hit-- little showers off and on until about midnite when it turned into a steady drizzle-- So far have only about .25 but it is still drizzling...And it is sure greening up the grass-- This new little alfalfa we irrigated a couple weeks ago should jump by leaps and bounds now with another little drink.........
been doing that off-again-on-again drizzle here this afternoon...much needed moisture since we finally managed to get the hay fields and the wheat fields ready :roll: spent yesterday planting 50 canadian hemlock bushes and 50 siberian elm around the yard to give us a windbreak :wink: now, the hubby is out with the disc, readying my garden area!! can't wait!! :D
got 2 in. in centeral tx, sure did need it . we put some coastal in and we are about to loose it .
A nice rain started here about nine o'clock yesterday morning. We were horseback trailing cattle and the herd moved along pretty good, with the steady drizzle and cool weather. About ten o'clock we sanded Highway 20, and crossed with the cattle. Guess ol' Saddletramp, Mrs. S. and I must have looked a little bit colorful, because some passers-by video-taped our cattle drive as it crossed the blacktop. Yellow slickers and soggy saggy hats always seem to add a bit of glamour. :wink: It's been said that glamor tends to dissolve in sweat. Other weather factors such as cold, wind and rain can also dissipate glamour pretty fast.

Rain came down most of the night and part of the morning. By 10:00 a.m. we had received an inch and a tenth. Late this afternoon, another little shower brought another tenth. The total since mid-April is now 9.85 inches of rain, and the countryside looks absolutely fantastic.

Our two sons picked this week-end to go canoeing and camping. Needless to say, they got a bit chilled before their trip was completed. Four other boys were also on the outing. From personal experience, such are the things from which memories are made. They survived, and like my cousin always says, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you a better person." Yup.