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No wonder

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Jul 4, 2005
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It's not surprising that Americans are starting to question Bush's integrity, look at who he's naming to positions that might even be important. Croneyism continues unabated. You do know that "former" FEMA Director Mike Brown is still on your payroll?

Link below; my emphasis.

"President Bush last week appointed nine campaign contributors, including three longtime fund-raisers, to his Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, a 16-member panel of individuals from the private sector who advise the president on the quality and effectiveness of U.S. intelligence efforts. After watching the fate of Michael Brown as head of FEMA and Harriet Miers as Supreme Court nominee, you might think the president would be wary about the appearance of cronyism—especially with a critical national-security issue such as intelligence. Instead, Bush reappointed William DeWitt, an Ohio businessman who has raised more than $300,000 for the president’s campaigns, for a third two-year term on the panel. Originally appointed in 2001, just a few weeks after the 9/11 attacks, DeWitt, who was also a top fund-raiser for Bush’s 2004 Inaugural committee, was a partner with Bush in the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Other appointees included former Commerce secretary Don Evans, a longtime Bush friend; Texas oilman Ray Hunt; Netscape founder Jim Barksdale, and former congressman and 9/11 Commission vice chairman Lee Hamilton. Like DeWitt, Evans and Hunt have also been longtime Bush fund-raisers, raising more than $100,000 apiece for the president’s campaigns. Barksdale and five other appointees—incoming chairman Stephen Friedman, former Reagan adviser Arthur Culvahouse, retired admiral David Jeremiah, Martin Faga and John L. Morrison—were contributors to the president’s 2004 re-election effort. Friedman also served a year on the intelligence board under President Bill Clinton, who appointed chairmen with very different profiles from Bush's Pioneers: former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. William Crowe, former Defense secretary Les Aspin, former House speaker Tom Foley and former GOP senator Warren Rudman. (Clinton did also appoint two donors who gave $100,000 apiece to the Democratic National Committee: New York investment banker Stan Shuman and Texas real estate magnate Richard Bloch.)"



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Jul 27, 2005
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Really, now I wish our family had done more biz with the Bush family...I might have got me one of those cushy jobs in DC....courtesy of George!!

Me thinks I might have missed the boat on that free loading deal!!! Seems like he's got everyone he ever knew on the payrolls.....OUR payrolls as citizens...and lookie @ what we've got show for it!!!

I think a 37% rating is even a bit too high for ol George now!

Since the Admin threw Scooter " under the bus" wonder what he might say in the future....he might NOT appreciate being road kill for the Prez!

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