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Feb 19, 2011
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Montana, East Slope
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(kinda a hands across the border thing)

Black Angus EXT Semen - $125 (Bigfork)

Date: 2011-06-07, 2:41PM MDT
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75 straws of N Bar Emulation EXT Semen stored at Haweye Billings. 125.00/straw discount for all 75 straws buyer pays shipping. four zero 6 two 5 3 three 669 :D
I don't think I could stand that much genetic improvement in one shot-he's like alot of bulls I suppose back in the pedigree maybe is ok but scary on the first line. Mind you the most head hunting bull I ever was around Brahma's included was a Three trees Traveler-that little SOB was across the pen and in your shorts right away-I was lucky I'd stepped into a trough as I climbed into the pen to look at him. I wonder if anybody ever used EXT on some good mellow hereford cows-I had some N Bar Explosion baldies that weren't all bad.

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