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Obama "Most Effective Food Stamp President In History&q

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Jul 23, 2007
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The good ole USA
Obama "Most Effective Food Stamp President In History"
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GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich reacts to the news that the number of those who use food stamps has jumped to 45,800,000 or nearly 15% of the nation's population.

"You don't get out of 9.2% unemployment, you don't get out of -- today it was announced [that] the largest number of Americans [are] on food stamps in history. I've said now for six months, this is the most effective food stamp President in history. That sounds like it is an attack, it's just a statement of fact. It's just that his administration kills jobs. They are driving Americans onto food stamps. Most Americans would rather have a paycheck," Gingrich told FOX News' Greta Van Susteren in an interview on Thursday night.

Gingrich says Obama's upcoming Midwest bus tour is a "fantasy tour."

Twenty bucks bet on the libs response(if they even respond) to this post

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