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Obama says it's 'tempting' to be a dictator

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Feb 11, 2005
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President Obama spoke to the Latino group La Raza this week and there was quite a telling exchange during the speech. Obama said it's 'tempting' to just take over and do things himself - in other words, be a dictator like Hugo Chavez. Even more disturbing than Obama testing the waters with his dictatorial fantasies was the reaction of the crowd - thunderous applause. Glenn has the shocking audio and response on radio today.

Obama's pathological lying continues in debt speech

As Glenn has shown over the past few weeks, President Obama has a real problem with the truth. Whether it's stories about doctors cutting off feet and ripping out tonsils for money or even the story about his mom's battle with health insurance companies -- a growing number of his stories end up being false. Obama's speech on the ongoing debt last night was no exception as he came up with an interesting, yet not true, analysis of the economic situation America finds herself in. Read more at GlennBeck.com.

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