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Obama versus the Democrats

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
March 19, 2012
Obama versus the Democrats
By Kevin Jackson

As the election of 2012 approaches, the left becomes more desperate. For the first time in his adult life, Barack Obama has to deal with the reality that he's Barack Obama. And being Barack Obama has created a real conundrum for the Democrats.

Obama wanted to play president, not be president. And the real Barack Obama is anything but a confident, competent winner.

Some of those who did not support Obama tried to sound the warning bell about Obama's severe lack of...well, everything necessary for a president to succeed. Obama lacked experience, and he continues to lack character, integrity, and a love of the America that has taken over 200 years to build.

Now Democrats must face the reality of their creation, just as I did when I found out that Fonzi is not the cool Italian of Happy Days, but instead is a whiny Jewish guy named Winkler. Obama v2.0 doesn't just reveal his vulnerabilities; he exposes the abject lunacy of the left.

The scary thing for Democrats is they went all in on Obama. They spent so much time propping up their puppet, believing that style would prevail over substance. But Obama failed miserably, and the Democrats have no succession planning.

Hillary can't run this election unless they abandon the "not so golden boy." I suspect that Hillary is smart enough not to want to run this election anyway, unless she has a defense to combat Obama's and the Democrats' scorched-earth project.

The sad truth is that Hillary has two chances for a run in 2016: slim and none. Despite all the tolerance that Democrats supposedly have, they will not elect an old "rode hard put up wet" white woman to the presidency. Don't believe me; it already happened...in 2008.

Recall that Hillary had all the buzz in 2008...that is, until the Democrats found an "articulate and clean" candidate with "no Negro dialect." The Democrats dated Hillary until they found somebody they deemed cuter.

Obama was perfect for the rebirth of radical Regressivism, sure to continue punishing minorities.

"We will have them n*ggers voting Democrats for 200 years!" - LBJ.

But the strategy backfired, because Obama was supposed to be at the very least "okay." Obama is okay, if you like that America is now fighting for third-world status.

The walls surrounding Obama are crumbling from within. Right-wing conspirators need not apply, and the Republican machine has been switched off. It's the Democrats who are destroying Obama, which is one reason why the Obama administration is panicked.

Who leaked the recent story that Barack Obama was raised by a gay, transsexual prostitute nanny, affectionately called "Tranny Nanny" by the media? Republicans didn't have a clue, or they would have brought up Tranny Nanny in 2008.

And if that's not bad enough for Obama, the media -- repeat, the media ran with the story. It appears that in 2012, the media love a salacious story about Obama's past more than they love Obama. The idea that Obama might be just a bit mixed up in the cabeza has been allowed to float in "the cloud." God forbid we actually get to see Obama's grades or a new and improved birth certificate.

A recent poll has Obama dropping by 12 points with women -- repeat, women! The same women who wanted to take Obama home to daddy are now abandoning Obama like last year's fashions.

It doesn't take a psychic to see the future for Obama. He sees it, and you can bet he's throwing hissy fits all over the White House as he contemplates updating his resume. Obama is so desperate to keep his position[1] that he recently made a Truth Team declaration that he has drilled for more oil than any other president. Obama wants America to believe that he is the Fossil Fuel President.

Forget that Obama has said publicly that he wants to destroy the coal industry. He publicly battles with "Big Oil" dirty revenue, and he wouldn't allow the Keystone Pipeline to happen or allow drilling on federal land -- but he's now the Fossil Fuel president.

Meanwhile, back at the algae farm, Obama discussed removing oil company "subsidies" (the same tax deductions allowed other companies) as he doubled down on failed green energy failures, boondoggles, and payola to same.

Instead of forming African-Americans for Obama, Obama should have formed "White People Please Give Me One More Chance!"

Obama is reneging on his declaration that if he didn't have things on track in three years, he should be a one-term president. No sane people expected an incompetent megalomaniac to really live up to that declaration, now did we?

Two things have saved Obama to date: the media and Obama's "blackness." Had it not been for either, Obama's choices would have been impeachment or resignation. Wait, there is a third choice...jail.

America has become so politically correct that despite the president being "black," he can still run on the "I'm a victim of racism" ticket. But that's changing, and it vexes the left.

America finally got a recognized black president, and America is worse off; we are all victims of Obama. Obama owns whatever America has become, because leaders must take credit or blame, regardless of the circumstances. Obama can't admit he is not a leader over the worst America in decades. That is the Democrats' conundrum


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Feb 12, 2007
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The Dark Side
There seems to be a pattern of sorts here. Seems like most times a black person rises to a position of power and authority, they run amok on some kind of power fueled binge of corruption and many, many, illegal activities. Remember Marion Barry, former mayor of Washington, DC? And how about Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta? Seems like their tit was always in the wringer.....and good Democrats, both.

Maybe the DNC's official spokesman on here can elaborate?

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