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obama's Connecticut SSN Being Investigated

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It really is an absolute sin that the media is so in the books for Obama that they refuse to even look at what Sheriff Joe has uncovered. He says he started his investigation to clear this mess up, but with what he found it is just the opposite. Sheriff Joe and his investigators are now convince Obama is hiding way more that anyone thought. If the media who were responsible for vetting this domestic terrorist is not willing to listen now, he and the DNC are going to get away with THE BIG FRAUD EVER.

And I was with the host of the radio show, I wondered what was up in Georgia but that was answered the minute Georgia announced the $8.6 billion dollar windfall awarded to them from Obama. He should have been charged with Contempt and lost by default for not showing up but instead HE BOUGHT THE JUDGEMENT HE WAS LOOKING FOR. :mad:

Will there ever be a judge that can't be bought off by Obama and the DNC using the US Treasury :?
so far Obama has resorted to planting a fake Kenyan birth-certificate to discredit those who question his birth origins and life story..

in researching about his early life I was shocked to find another planted story..

the author, is a extreme left liberal environmentalist..


I now think this is all a fake story of fiction. Keep that in mind as your read it. I think is is a distraction to help deter the public from the the fact

by showing just enough truth, the Obama fraud team has kept the liberals happy,.. and the conservatives looking in the wrong direction...

be it the two nanny stories, or the Kenyan fake certificate..

why else would a transgendered nanny make any news.. because the story is let out to discredit those seeking the real answer..

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