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Obama's new dirt digging team

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Feb 10, 2005
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There was a teacher in Virginia that assigned his eighth grade students to dig up dirt on the 4 Republican Presidentual candidates, then take what they found and write up a plan to exploit their shortfalls. The third part of the assignment was to find out who in the Obama Campaign team they could send their plans to. :shock: :roll:

and Billy you call MSNBC and say Mitt ran over your bike, While Suzy writes up an AP report on how Santorum would make her get two paper routes to pay for her BC pill....

Kimberly was less enthused by the substitute teachers assignment,
but Richard found the dirt that not only caught the substitute teachers attention, but gave him an A+ on the assignment..

meanwhile in the background secret service agent Flubber gets his first date by offering the classes liberal teacher and feminist to go dutch on the contraception and dinner..

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