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Obama's principles of governance

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Jul 23, 2007
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The good ole USA
Obama's principles of governance

Barack Obama's America Jobs Act tour
By Neal Boortz

I've mentioned this on the air a few times … I'm trying to put together a list of Obama's principles of governance. A concise and easily digested statement of Obama's basic roadmap to the relationship between the government and the governed might help undecided and uneducated voters. Here's what I've come up with so far; but the list is by no means complete.

•American greatness comes from government.
•The economy is to be used as a political tool. Political objectives should be pursued through a command economy
•In a free market economy people acquire wealth by exploiting and taking advantage of the weak. It is the government's job to right these wrongs.
•The people, are the property of government. Therefore, wealth produced by the people belongs to the government and the political class shall determine the manner in which that wealth is distributed back to the people.
•Money spent by government will lead to economic growth. Money spent by the private sector leads to wealth and income inequality.
•There is a point, which point shall be determined by the political class, at which individuals have made enough money.
•Government dependence is to be encouraged in all matters
•The United States is no more important in international affairs than Turkey or Greece.
Now there's another list I'm working on as well. This is a list of amazing facts that have been hidden from the government-educated American people … and remained obscure until Obama came along to enlighten us.

•There are actually 57 states
•Hawaii is in Asia. Who knew?
•You pronounce the word "corps" as in Marine Corps, as "corpse"

so much more could be added
The priciples of a whore. NOT a self serving common prostitute. But an ordinary street walking sleazy, skanky whore. Not unlike OT.

Not that I expect Oldtimer to ever watch these but since the media is slamming Cain and Perry for their unpresidentual brain freezes I think we need a little blast from the past. :wink:








Do the liberal Media remember how they acted during the election of Obama? :?

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