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ohlde cattle? any opinions

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i came across some ohlde cattle the other day and i dont think i have seen a better set of females in my life. just wondering what you all think of ohlde's stuff
I certainly agree with you on the 'look' of Ohlde's females. Most of their genetics go back to 6807. What you need to watch for in that program is scrotal measurements and feet.

We are using some of their genetics now, grandsons I guess it would be. A purebred breeder here bought a herd bull from them but got rid of him already (after only 2 years) because of feet problems. I saw a son of Emblazon that had bad feet as well. But I still think there is a lot of merit to their program.

When I called to talk to them Mrs. Ohlde steered me to their Amerifax and I know I didn't want that, so I haven't done anything with them directly.
Can't get enough of small nuts and bad feet-the cows do have alot of thickness and good udders-I used OCC Exclamation in my own herd and he was ok-nothing spectacular. My own operation has probably had the most luck with Dave Nichols cattle-they seem to be a little easier keeping and trouble free than some of the Montana marvels. If I ever want a divorce I just have to use EXT again lol.
we've got an ohlde cow in the herd now... not actually from him but his pedigrees and his sale. We've had his bloodlines in our herds for quite some time. You talk about GREAT females. They are probably the easiest keeping cows I've seen. good depth of chest and lots of capacity. The biggest problem would be the growth... but when bred to a high powered bull they take off and excel.
I have used his Angus II bulls for years and have been well pleased. Never had any bad feet. The females are flat awesome!! fertillity seems to be a problem with some of his cattle, but I have not seen it yet as the oldest females are only 6.

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