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Feb 10, 2005
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3 days done and 7 to go, yipee.

I am one of those that led the anti-NAFTA effort here in the House, and I hate to tell you that I told you so. But a lot of these problems we are now facing, anybody that supported NAFTA should have seen that we are going to end up in this kind of a situation. And I think that some of the issues that have been raised, I think frankly we will lose if we get into a dispute panel situation because of the kind of agreement that we entered into.
We lost a dispute now in Canada on dairy, which there is no reason in the world we should have lost it. They clearly are in violation of everything we are trying to do, and they are protecting their dairy industry in Canada, and we lost because of the kind of agreement that we entered into. We have the same situation in some of the agreements that we made with the GATT agreement and the current regime that we are under with the WTO.
You reckon this guy really hates to say "I told you so"? :wink:

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