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Jul 4, 2005
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Link below; my emphasis.

"Instead, it was a lame effort to make a virtue out of the apparent necessity of lowering the number of combat troops stationed there. That cover, however, has been blown away by the murderous reality of Iraq today, which includes upwards of 70 attacks on US forces every day.

What the US military people are telling representatives and senators is that this reality is not likely to change as far as their eyes can see, and that the size of the occupation is not adequate to the task of ending the insurgency.

Commanders are likely to get more troops in the early fall. The additional forces, though, are certain to be removed following national elections on a new constitution and a permanent government. Next spring, the commanders say, is when the real crunch will come.

The dirty secret that President Bush refuses to share with a profoundly ambivalent America is that the US armed forces are stretched so thin in Iraq and around the world that the existing occupying force of roughly 130,000 people cannot be maintained beyond next year."


For his own personal vendetta against Saddam and his oil buddies' greed, Bush has put our country at risk. We are less safe than we were before 9-11.

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