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Our Bull Sale Book

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Those are some soggy, fleshy good lookin' bulls CA! DEEP and powerful. Hope the sale goes swell for ya. Wish i was closer cause those donuts would'a chummed me right in! :D
Hey CA, I wonder if that Jim Pulyk fella remembers a farmer from Brussels On.

It's been a while since he sent some cows and a load of heifers down here for me. That was right before BSE hit. I remember it clearly! :lol:
Congrats on your sale, heard it went pretty good. Sorry I couldn't make, got tied up with a family obligation. Had to endure another late Easter supper visiting with the inlaws and playing with my new Niece. :lol: :lol: It was painful, all I wanted to do was be somewhere else, YA RIGHT.

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