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Nov 26, 2011
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I've got hay for sale at a dollar a bale
and you can have all that you need.
As you can tell by this low price,
this sale ain't based on greed

My sheep were all killed by a killer cat
and I just sold the last of my cows.
I guess you may say as a struggling rancher
I shouldn't be takin no bows.

I think I should just give it all up
and move into town and retire
Hell, I'm even livin in a tent out here,
since we had the fire.

A little rain would have saved the grain
and my garden just turned to dust.
The well went dry and the tractor blew
and the bailer is nothing but rust.

The barn roof leaks and so does my tent,
but only when it rains,
but I ain't had to worry bout that
and if I had any brains

I'd put up a FOR SALE sign
and advertise in the paper.
But the way the old place looks
I'd never find a taker.

I swear to God, if things could go wrong,
they sure did this last year.
So I say" What the heck" and rub my neck
and wish I had a cold beer.
That's a powerful, gut wrenching piece of writing oldman.

Thank you for posting it. And I hope it rains so you can fix the leaky roof!
An excellent piece of writing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

P.S. Welcome to our community!

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