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Poem for you SH

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
In the bull session, on another subject, SH seemed to try to put me down for writing and reciting poetry. So I thought that this would be a good spot to let him know


I write to fill the void
An abcense in my soul
A way to express myself
With no specific goal

On the outside chance perhaps
Someone else can identify
With my thoughts or my feelings
Hear my lost wild cry

I recite for different reasons
Perhaps I can ease some pain
Enlighten, enchant or humor
But preferably for monetary gain!
I ,ve heard of cowboy poets but are thier any rancher poets JInglebob.Iheard a Baptist preacher on the radio one late night and as he preached I was jumping up and down hollerin amen brother.Then towards the end he took aleft turn and left me wondering how an inteligent man could say those things. I don t like sh inference about the boys on the fence either.I type to slow to argue the finer points but i do get through Kadoka ocasionaly if the offer stands for avisit.
if you wanted a response from ~SH~ you needed to slam ncba or bwamme da packa.

Prairie dog wanted this new format now that its here he's not go figure..

your peoms are good reading as are all the other poem writers..

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