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Political quiz

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interesting test.

I did both long and short.
on the short I sided overwhelminly with the Republicans 5 out of seven,
with one for dems, and one for greenies, 8)

On the long test I was more evenly spilt, :???: with the republicans getting top score in my view, 295 out of seven hundred, and the greenies and lib parties surprisingly took 210 each :? followed by the low score from the dems :p Unfortunatly I would have a differant view or comprimise on some issues to get a better overall policy for the better of the country instead of for the beter of the parties.

The only thing I would have liked to looked at the issue I was in favor of afterwords to see if it was not just a twisting of the words or as it seems with most dem platform issues , just lip service.
I've always thought of myself as an Independent- ended up 3 Rep-2 Dem- 2 Lib........ :)

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