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politics of a ditch.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
who would;d think a ditch is a waterway? well Obama does, and so does his EPA,.. but most voters realize they are just ditches..

personally I would be happy if liberals would stop throwing their trash in the ditches.. but then our prisoners would be unemployed as well

WASHINGTON (AP) - When the Obama administration agreed to set the first-ever federal limits on runoff in Florida, environmental groups were pleased.

Nearly three years later - with a presidential election looming and Florida expected to play a critical role in the outcome - those groups are still waiting. The rules, originally scheduled to take effect in March, now won't be active until next January

In fact, a growing number of regulations are being delayed at federal agencies or at the White House. The list includes a rule cracking down on junk food at school bake sales, another banning children from dangerous work on farms and one setting federal standards for disposing toxic ash from coal-fired power plants.

"Issuing more regulations now would not help dispel the perception that President Obama's administration is 'anti-business,'" said John D. Graham, who from 2001 to 2006 headed the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the White House's political gatekeeper for new rules. And with unemployment at 8 percent, "the Obama administration knows that more costly burdens on business will not create jobs. Those rules will have to wait until after the election."

Just last week, the EPA announced it would wait until 2013 to issue a regulation aimed at reducing the number of juvenile fish and shellfish that die in power plants' cooling water intakes and would also tweak a rule requiring new power plants to control mercury and other toxic air pollution. Republicans and industry had charged that both rules would help "kill" coal as an electricity source by helping to shut down older plants and preventing new ones from being built.

"Election-year politics commenced earlier than I have experienced in over two decades of working on these issues,"

But it's difficult to pin down the motives, especially when a rule gets to the White House. "If something sits over there for a year ... is it political pressure or is it that they are tinkering with the details? The speculation is not the latter, but none of us really know because the process is so hidden,"

The rules, after two subsequent delays, won't take effect until next year. And another regulation aimed at protecting coastal waters isn't expected to be proposed until after voters go to the polls.

not only is Obama afraid that voters will hate his policies.. he is not even releasing his proposals.. for new rules..

yep,.. it is true.. he knew his policy sucked,.. and and now knows his ideas suck...

so much so he is now keeping his proposals hidden as well... :? :shock:


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Feb 25, 2009
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West Texas
This bunch are stupid enough to have a cow pi**ing on a flat rock to be deemed a waterway, a bio- hazard, a toxic spill, a wastewater violation,and an abomination to mankind. :roll:

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