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poll: Washington demonstrates Obama weakness in general

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Apr 12, 2008
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9 months from Election Day, Barack Obama has a net approval rating of Minus 5 in Washington State, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KING-TV Seattle. 42% today approve of the job he is doing as president, 47% disapprove. But: the number of Washington voters who say Obama has been a worse president than they expected is 2.5 times greater than the number who say Obama has been better than they expected. On specific aspects of his administration, Obama is:

* Plus 14 on his handling of Iraq.
* Minus 1 on his handling of Afghanistan.
* Minus 19 on his handling of the economy.
* Minus 20 on his handling of health care.
* Minus 26 on his handling of the federal deficit.

Obama’s job approval among Democrats and Republicans are perfect mirror images — 85/11 and 11/85, respectively. Among independents, though, he gets only a 37/47. Among Hispanics (8% of respondents), Obama gets a 40/24 — a very weak rating — and among Asians and other ethnicities (excluding whites, blacks, and Hispanics) comprising 11% of the respondents, it’s 42/49. Obama’s approval sinks badly among the age demos most likely to vote: among 50-64YOs, it’s 38/58, and only a little better among seniors, 44/52. Even among younger voters, Obama’s job approval is only 43/36 for 18-34YOs and 47/42 for 35-49YOs, indicating a significant lack of enthusiasm. Obama gets a weakly positive 46/41 among those earning below $40K, but a 37/52 from those earning above $40K.

Why is this important? Obama won the state of Washington by seventeen points in 2008, and it is a bastion of Democratic strength and enthusiasm. Let’s take a look at these same demos in the 2008 exit polls, to the extent they match up:

30-44YOs: Obama won 56/41 (too few 81/29YOs in 2008 to publish results)
50-64YOs: Obama won 60/38
Voters who say economy was biggest issue (60% in 2008): Obama won 58/40
Independents: Obama won 55/39
Earn below $50K (35% of vote): Obama won 64/33
Earn above $50K (65% of vote): Obama won 55/43


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