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Prayers please

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
For my cousin Scott. He is having surgery tomorrow for prostate cancer. I talked to him tonight and he's pretty worried.
Done Nicky, may your cousin have an uncomplicated operation tommorow.

A close friend of ours was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years back. The scary part was the doctor who had done his previous physical 2 years prior had missed it and it had that much more time to progress. Our friend came through in flying colours and the cancer is non-exsistant at this time. Tell Scott to think positive.
sending prayers from my family to you and yours!!! praying they caught it in the early stages and that all will be ok!!
Well, it didn't go as planned :( Guess they got in there and something about the shape or angle of his pelvis, the size of his prostate (small), and the fact that he is quite heavy, made them decide they could do more damage that good. So they took out the lymph nodes and closed him back up. They will test the lymph nodes and decide what to do from there.

Thanks for the prayers and keep them up til we know what is going to happen.
Would he consider seeking a second opinion? Prayers are on their way and please tell him to keep strong.
I wish there were some words to ease the feelings of pain and fear. I wish I could explain and tell you the why and whatfor but only God knows.
Trust God, lean on him ask him to guide you and give you the understanding and the grace to handle this situation. I have learned there is always a lesson to be learned...be open and accept the lesson no matter what.
There are alot of people praying for your family.

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