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"Prosperit­y is just around the corner'"?

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
"vote for me just one more time, and I will take you to the promised land"

WASHINGTON (Alister Bull and David Morgan) - The White House said on Wednesday it does not believe the economy is in danger of a double-dip recession.

But White House spokesman Jay Carney acknowledged at a news conference that growth has slowed as the economy grapples with the effects of high energy prices and other challenges, including the Japanese earthquake and the U.S. debt limit debate.

"There have been a number of headwinds this year," he said.


Hey Jay....how but the inflation, due to excessive spending/devaluing of the dollar? How's that going.......
Huffington said:
: Nobody Believes Obama's Top Priority Is Jobs; It's Getting Re-Elected

On Wednesday, AOL Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington told MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that nobody believes the President's top priority is jobs - it's getting reelected

And when the President again and again talks about how, I mean, I went through and looked since 2009 how many times he has said, "Jobs priority number one," "The sustained focus of this administration," "The relentless focus of this administration," "We're pivoting to jobs." Nobody believes it any more.

Wow. Two HuffPosters in one day saying negative things about Obama on MSNBC.

Was that a pig I just saw flying by my window?

the BIG number... 7, the number of times Obama has shifted priorities to make Jobs the number one priority since taking office.. :???:

well Obama is worried about one job...
Get this. Bernanke & Buckwheat are out of bullets. QE3 is about to begin. It won't be long now.
Stocks: Worst day since 2008 financial crisis
Aug 04 4:17pm:

In their single worst day since the 2008 financial crisis, stocks plunged Thursday, with the Dow tumbling 512 points

In the worst trading day since 2008, and the worst string of market closings since Jimmy Carter was in office, all but three stocks listed on the S&P 500 closed down today.

stock market barely avoids worst run since Jimmy Carter was President

the Dow is still dropping in after hour trading, Nasdaq is about flat right now..

as it has only been three years from the last major correction, I doubt it will slide into historical territory, but then it's been awhile since all the financial news was this bad. (

who will Obama blame this one on? Carter?

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