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Protective horses?

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
After reading a posting by soapweed, I was reminded of this topic. Soapweed said that his wifes horse would turn it's hind end to cows as Mrs Soapweed tagged the cows calf.

I have a nieghbor who has some cows that are quite "protective" of their babies. My nieghbor discovered that if his horse turn his rear end toward the cow, that the cows became a lot less protective and didn't bother him as much as he tagged the calf. He had one horse who would let him crawl somewhat under the horses belly. So he said that this worked really good. Anyone else ever noticed this? Or had similar results?
I had a dog that would hide behind ME for protection. :?
I tagged on a horse whose name was Tower. He was 16 2 and he would let me hide under him and not bat an eye when those cows would come after me. If they got close enough he would bite at them by he would not move. Those were the meanest cows I have ever been around, they came from the Padlock off of the reservation. Some of those cows didn't care whose calf it was, man should not touch them. I was glad that Tower was so kind to me, we calved out in the sage in a two section pasture, usually me by myself. Only problem, jumping on that tall horse all day long got to be a chore :)
Yes, that horse will take a mule kick at a cow once in awhile. As long as I can remember that little black horse has been Mrs. Soapweed's high private. Somewhat of an onery individual.( the horse, not Mrs.Soapweed)

Mrs. Soap and I do most of the tagging. We have a real good system. I hid behind the horse and Mrs.Soap hides behind me. I'm big and slow and she's little and quick.( Mrs.Soap not the horse).She always tells me she doesn't have to out run the cow when I'm there. She just has to out run me.
Had one horse that would stand between the cow and me and the calf and the cows wouldnt bother. if the cow circled around the horse would too. never had another horse that would do that,and never been able to train one to do that either. I never trained this horse to do it ,he just had unbelivable cow sense. too bad good horses have to get old huh?
I've read it and heard it, "why can't a man and a horse have the same lifespan?"

I've been lucky and had quite a few good ones, but then I'm not a perfectionist and appreciate all of the different talents they have all had. Or to paraphrase Will Rogers, "I've never met a horse I didn't like". Well, maybe one or two! :shock: :lol:

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