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Maple Leaf Angus

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Ontario
This morning the sky was dark and while we sat at the breakfast table the rain finally started to fall. What music the sound of a welcome rain makes. Everything smell fresh and new. It's the first rain we've had since the snow melted and there didn't seem to be much moisture in the snow.

Thank you Lord, for rain.
Nice to hear you got some much needed moisture. We are just slogging throught the remains of six inches of heavy wet snow from Monday, which pulled the remaining frost out of the ground. The grass is jumping now! :)
We received a very welcome 6/10ths of an inch during the night. The wind blew quite hard at times, and the cattle were sure in the protection of shelter this morning. It has been foggy with a slight drizzle so far today.
well, I missed the rain the othr night, but I won't complain.......it hit the neighbors, and they had 6 inches!! plus golfball sized hail, looks like they won't need to get the combine out until fall now!

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