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Well it rained yesterday evenin..good 1/2 inch lil shower. Thundering again right now and sposed to pen cows so we can sort the "escapee and her calf" n git her to the sale barn this evenin. Looks like we might be gittin wet while doin that. And tomorrow is callin for heavy rains..yippeeeeeeeeeee.....
the_jersey_lilly_2000 said:
nope....aint got no bears ( ba-yers)tx phonetic spellin

I got a charge hearing a Texan talk about a guy named Earl Wells. It took a long time before it dawned he was talking about oil. :D
We are under a flood warnin....n it's really doin it out there..thunder, lightenin, rain..wind...oh man it's comin on down..
Hubby's been out in it helpin the guys get their truck and trailer unstuck after we pasture roped the escapee cow.....haha "stuck in the mud"....has a nice ring to it after this long dry spell..

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