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Aug 17, 2007
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northeastern NM
We took the chuck wagon to Colorado Springs last weekend to participate in the chuck wagon cook off which was part of the Pikes Peak or Bust rodeo. We had a real good time and met alot of new ranch folks from that area, if I could just remember half of their names!
While I was there, Mike Callicrate stopped by to visit. He is the guy behind the Callicrate Bander, and Ranch Foods Direct, he donated the meat we used for the competition. We had lots of accolades on the taste of the meat and I dont think I'm that good a cook! I had a short visit with him, he has some interesting ideas coming up for a portable processing unit. Where I live there are a few folks trying to raise organic beef but its not really feasible with trucking and animal stress to processing being so far. I enjoyed my chat with him and thought he was a straight up guy. I just wanted to post a link to his website and thank him for taking time to stop by.

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