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Rancher's - "Black Helicopters"

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al

Want info on the infamous "Black Helicopters" rancher talks about?
It comes up for me! You might be clicking with the wrong hand! :)

Here's an excerpt.
Black Helicopters
Strikeforce For The New World Order?
Starting in 1971, there have been 100's of
unmarked, black helicopter sightings all
throughout the United States and many of
these incidents are curiously related to the
cattle mutilations in the same area and at
the same time. Explore the truth behind a
secret war happening within our borders.
Are there foreign troops moving secret war
equipment across America? Probe black
choppers & UFOs, the U.S. concentration
camp network, U.N. troop movements in
America, and more
I was using my front foot to click.

Black Helicopters serve the following purposes:

Direct satellite communication.
Continuity of the U.S. Government in case of nuclear attack or other disasters.
Secure communication links with the outside world in the event of a disaster.
Transporting BSE infected animals across the border as needed.


Very interesting!
Thanks :lol:
I have a heli pad on my barn roof to transport my BSE cows. Sure is hell getting the cows up on the roof. Well back to bed for another spell.

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