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Jul 4, 2005
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The cashier became emotional and speechless when war protester Joseph Mosyjowski bought 2,000 small candles a few weeks ago for a vigil he knew was bound to happen, and she realized they represented each U.S. military death in Iraq.
As she silently scanned each candle, the reality hit: "2,000 stories of 2,000 people whose lives have been cut short through the violence of a war of choice," Mosyjowski said Wednesday before a series of anti-war vigils in Ohio and nationwide marking this week's milestone.
For Tiphany Eckert, whose 24-year-old husband, Andy Eckert, was killed by a roadside bomb in May, the number makes no difference.
"Every life that's lost is just as significant as the one that was lost yesterday and the one that will be lost tomorrow," she said. "It's every time we lose someone that it hits home."
On Tuesday, 31 months after the start of the war, the U.S. military death toll hit 2,000. The number of Iraqi civilians killed since the war began is estimated at 30,000, according to experts.”


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