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Red Neck fence repair

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Apr 8, 2008
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NE Oregon
There is a spot in the fence between me and the neighbor that you can't see from the road and out in the field you are pretty close to it before you can see it. I hadn't had cows in that field since late September. In late February I was going to put some cows out there so I ran around the fence to check it. I get in this corner and what the heck? So I call the neighbor to compliment him on is fine red neck engineering. After some discussion we figured out what happened. Back in November he was shipping 3 semi loads of calves Tuesday. Some of the calves got out and into my field on Monday evening. He got them out. The next morning they were back again. He herded them out again. He was busy sorting, weighing, and loading calves. So he told his hired guy to fix that spot on the fence. The result was red neck fence repair that neither of us knew about. That is the first picture.

On the way to the post office this morning I noticed a new red neck repair on his fence along the road. I appears that Jim is back at it once again. Got a weak post that wants to fall over? Here is the cure. That is the second picture. If any of you need advise on fence repair let me know and I will get you his phone number.

I have a couple pallets blocking holes in net wire.They were a quick fix at the time and they worked so well I just left them there.As dry as it is around here I doubt they will ever rot
Just this week the neighbor had a heifer calf in that corner. I ran into him down there. The calf had crawled through the fence and was on my side. I later though that I should have pointed out that maybe we should do something better on that little stretch of fence.

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