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Rehberg Gets Senate Challenge From The Right

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Rehberg Gets Senate Challenge From The Right

By The Associated Press
POSTED: 1:44 pm MST January 19, 2012

HELENA, Mont. -- A Terry farmer unknown to statewide politics is filing a U.S. Senate race primary challenge to Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg.

Rehberg is looking to unseat freshman Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester in November. Both sides have been gearing up for what is expected to be one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country.

But a political newcomer by the name of Dennis Teske (TESS'-kee) says Republicans should nominate him instead of Rehberg to face Tester. He filed paperwork Wednesday with the Secretary of State to appear on the June primary ballot.

Teske's Web site makes it clear he will be trying to challenge Rehberg from the right. He says the nation's debt is a big problem, and points out that Rehberg also contributed to this issue.

Lonecowboy or FH- do you know this fellow... He comes from your country...

I guess he believes Rehberg is a hypocrit too with his new claim to be fiscally conservative...


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I do not recognize the name- maybe if I saw a picture??

there is no picture on his website.

our TEA party group has done a few things in Terry- I think I would know him or at least of him if he had participated in any way.

I doubt rehberg looses any sleep over the oposition- it just gives you a chance to rake in twice as much money if you have a primary challenge.

We- Glendive- have a Lincoln- Reagan day dinner Feb. 18 I will let you know if this guy shows. it might be interesting. :shock:

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